Column: Federer should retire from tennis

By Abby Allgire

Roger Federer could easily be titled the best tennis player of all time.

He has won numerous titles and tournaments, but his time in the spotlight is coming to an end.

Federer has dominated the tennis scene for several years now, but I am ready to see other people winning and in the spotlight. I couldn’t have been more excited when Federer lost in the early rounds of Wimbledon.

With him losing, it meant that someone different would win the tournament this year.

Not to mention that I am a Rafael Nadal fan anyway.

I would never denounce the talent of Roger Federer, because he is by far one of the best male tennis players this world has seen, but at a certain point enough is enough.

What more does he have to prove in tennis?

He has already won just about every tennis tournament along with several titles and grand slams.

What more can Roger Federer ask for? He definitely doesn’t need the money.

Yes, he may just love the sport and the competition, but it gets boring for viewers when the same person continuously wins.

Also, Federer is getting older, while these new guys coming in are way younger. Age can start to take a toll, especially in a sport like tennis.

Federer should want to leave the spotlight on a good note. Why not leave with a tournament win or a final grand slam?

Instead, he may leave with several early-round losses.

This showing at Wimbledon is just an example of what is to come for him.

Many athletes do not know when it is their time to leave the spotlight.

I feel like the fame and the competition gets addicting.

They just can’t get enough of it, but there has to come a time when it is just best to pack up and be done.

Roger Federer is just one example of an athlete that has over-stayed his welcome.

Viewers thrive off the suspense of who will win, but Federer continuously wins. It is time for a change.

This Wimbledon loss is only a glimpse of what lies in Federer’s future if he doesn’t retire soon.

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