Beezag…Advertising. Reinvented. Period.

Offering a New Online & Mobile Service That Changes the World of Advertising

NEW YORK, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ — Beezag® ( has officially launched its NEW exclusive invite-only online and mobile advertising platform that is revolutionizing the world of advertising. Beezag benefits both the “Beezagger” (user) and the advertiser by providing the user with monetary returns while giving advertisers a direct and targeted medium to interact with the most attractive segment of the Web 2.0 and mobile market, educated adults ages 18-24, which tallies 72 million strong in the U.S.

“Our strategic vision at Beezag is to capitalize on an opportunity to create digital advertising distribution that works in today’s environment, where traditional advertising models are becoming more fragmented by the changes in technology and consumer behavior,” said Richard Smullen, Co-Founder of Beezag.

Beezag is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Richard Smullen and Laurent Alhadeff (the young founders behind South African media, technology and fashion market leader SouthWinston Investments). They have created an impressive team of business-savvy technologists, including six-year Google veteran Brian Dick to manage worldwide revenue; Steven Spencer, the former-Upoc/Dada Entertainment™ CEO/CTO as Beezag’s CTO; and Ex-Forbes Digital VP Nicholas Ricci as the Beezag USA Sales VP.

Beezag’s target audience is tech-savvy 18 to 24-year-olds, typically college students, who know every trick to avoid ads. Knowing that this demographic constantly needs extra spending money, Beezag has developed its invite-only service in which members login and watch a full ad from start to finish. Beezag then rewards them with discounts and cash which can be paid into accounts like iTunes, PayPal™, their favorite charity or even their personal bank account.

Through Beezag‘s Proprietary Profiling Engine, Beezag ensures delivery of a brand’s full message to loyal, hand-raising customers, not prospects. When Beezaggers login to view ads (online, on Facebook or on their mobile phones), they discuss the specific brands/products they use (and are looking for) – whether it’s the coffee they drink, sports team they follow or airline of choice. The secret behind Beezag is its patent-pending technology, which guarantees a complete view of each commercial, and if Beezaggers don’t absorb the ad in its entirety, the advertiser does not pay and the user does not earn.

Within a study issued by the DVR Research Institute in 2008, “77 percent of agency higher-ups said that DVR usage will prove to be the greatest challenge to the current ad model,” (Ad Week, June 2009). Within this traditional advertising model, advertisers pay hundreds of billions of dollars for consumers’ attention, but with new technology like the DVR, statistics are showing that “90 percent ‘always/almost always’ fast forward through commercials,” (2008 Starcom USA-Tivo custom study). Advertisers see Beezag as the solution to technology like DVR and online “banner-blindness,” which is the root cause of this massive fragmentation that we are experiencing.

Beezag provides a new online and mobile model for advertisers to directly target these consumers. The Beezag guarantee is that advertiser dollars are going towards ads that will be 100 percent viewed – start to finish.

Beezag is the game-changer in the advertising industry and is changing the way  consumers interact with brands and view ads so that instead of avoiding them, they will want more.

Through digital and affiliate agencies, some of the country’s biggest brands have joined Beezag as advertisers. Two of the most recent include Dr. Pepper and Dentyne.

About Beezag:

Beezag is a privately funded company headquartered in New York City’s bustling Chelsea neighborhood. Its founders had an epiphany when they set out to create a revolutionary philosophy for the only effective way to advertise in this info-laden age: through the targeted delivery of customized video ads to vetted and invited individuals in real time through any Internet-capable device.


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