Nebraska U. men’s tennis team stresses conditioning for successful season

By Chris Dorwart

Staying in shape in the offseason for any sport has its ups and downs.

The Nebraska men’s tennis team found multiple ways to stay in shape during its offseason.

Tennis involves a lot of footwork and agility. During a match, a player will cover a substantial amount of distance.

“They cover a lot of court during the match with quick movements,” coach Kerry McDermott said. “We’re doing a lot of conditioning and getting them in shape.”

Over the summer, McDermott said every player competed in about five to six college-level tournaments.

“Some of the younger guys won’t always get to play in season, so it’s good to get them some experience in the summer,” McDermott said.

Along with gaining match experience, McDermott said it helps them keep in shape during the summer.

Junior Drew Freeman said he understands the importance of being well-conditioned for tennis.

“It’s really important because every point you’re moving a lot, and you don’t know how long the match will be,” Freeman said. “It could be a few hours, so you have to be ready for anything.”

A college tournament can last three days, and the players may end up being on a court for five to six hours at a time.

“It’s very crucial to be well-conditioned,” McDermott said. “If we get beat on the court, it better not be conditioning, it should be because the guy was better.”

The men’s tennis team has been practicing for more than a week now in preparation for the fall season. The Cornhuskers begin their season Friday in Charlottesville, Va., at the U. Virginia Fall Classic.

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