‘I Love It’ Music Video Pitch

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Aidan Swift, PC ’21

Lil Pump! Lil! Lil? Can I call you Lil? So great to see you man, so, so great. Kanye could not be more excited that you’re on board to star in his music video for I Love It. Great song by the way, or should I say I love it! Ha! Seriously, though, it’s lyrically inspired.

Anyway, Kanye’s got some great ideas for the shoot, I’m telling you man. I know people are saying that Kanye’s gone off “the deep end” or something, but let me be the first to tell you they’re full of shit. Oh, Kanye wanted to extend his deepest apologies for not being able to talk to you himself. He’s locked himself in his studio trying to design non-Euclidian sneakers.

But back to the video. So, as far as narrative goes, Kanye’s thinking that you and him will be tiny people following a much larger Adele Givens as she walks down a hallway — did I mention she’s signed on? Yeah, you guys are gonna have this sort of reverential, yet tongue-in-cheek relationship with Adele; you’re following her to “get some,” but you also have to be coy about it because she’s massive and could step on you. Kanye just found out about Minecraft a couple weeks ago so you’ll be dressed as little Minecraft guys. Oh, and he also had a nightmare last night that his mother was chasing him through the town of Sweetwater in Westworld so now the hallway’s gonna have glowing lights and naked android women.

But back to the story, the real meat of the whole thing: Kanye really wants to twirl around in the Minecraft suit. He says he’d love if you do too, but if not it’s totally fine — just move your shoulders up and down as you walk. I know some of this has got you nervous, but I promise you it all makes sense in the ending. The hallway’s gonna to lead to this massive pool party, and you and Kanye will take the stage to lead the crowd in a — wait, one second, I’m getting a call from Kanye. Is he scream — yup, yup, he’s screaming. One sec, Lil.

He’s going for a different direction with the ending. Now you guys are gonna be standing against a wall as Adele Givens, her colossal size compared to yours now fully evident to the audience, scolds the two of you. Anyway, I’ll let you go. Costume’s gotta get your measurements for tomorrow — the Minecraft suits come with giant Yeezy Slides!

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