5 monumental days that need songs just like the 21st of September

5 monumental days that need songs just like the 21st of September

The 21st of September was last week, so we know you probably heard Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” on repeat. And repeat. Until you got sick of the song — actually, it’s impossible to get sick of this classic. But we at the Clog have decided that there are some other monumental days that need songs of their own.

“Midterm Szn” — Any day that you have a midterm

Think of a song that has all the feels. The song would start out moody and sad and then would suddenly switch to something inspirational (cue old-Kanye-esque lyrics) and would end with the happiest beats you’ve ever heard. It’s perfect to describe the journey you experience on your way to the midterm, while you take the midterm and then the victory you feel upon completion. This would be trending at No. 1 if UC Berkeley had its own “Top 50 Songs” playlist.

Seats on Seats on Seats” — The day you finally find a seat in a library

Cue the violins. The wind blowing in your face. The pure satisfaction of finding an empty seat in Bechtel, the Student Union or the dreaded Moffitt is all-consuming. The very day you find an open seat that’s not in the corner and not covered in food is the day this song will be released to the public. Maybe The Weeknd will be featured, who knows.

“NAH.” — The day that everything goes wrong

A spinoff of Kendrick’s “YAH.,” “NAH.” is the day that nothing goes right for you. You bought breakfast and were walking to class when it fell on the ground. You were late to lecture, and opening the door to get inside was the loudest announcement you’ve ever experienced for your lack of punctuality. While “Midterm Szn” was simply a banger you listened to last week, midterm scores season is back and clearly revengeful. YAH, we’re not about this day whatsoever. Can we get a hell #NAH?

“22nd of September” — For the nostalgia you experience on the 22nd of September

September is objectively the best month of the year. It already has one song, but what about the 22nd of September, when you realize you have to wait a whole 364 more days until the next 21st of September? We say there ought to be a song to document the sadness and never-ending hope we all feel on the 22nd. It’s only fair.

“Start Game” — The day you realize there is no end game at Berkeley

Taylor Swift really knows how to appeal to the masses, and we #respect her for that. Yet, when it comes to us Berkeley students, there really is no end game. Everything is just the start game. Summer’s over? Get ready for the semester. Finished day one of your 30-day ab challenge? Get ready for day two tomorrow. Made the hike up to Soda Hall? Get ready for the hike back down and up to the Memorial Stadium for game day. It really never ends — it just starts. But it’s okay because we’re glass-half full people and are always down for new beginnings.

Listen to this playlist while you go through your daily routine. There really is nothing like enjoying a customized playlist carefully and lovingly curated for you with love by the Clog. Go Bears. 

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