UC Berkeley student robbed at gun-point, suspects arrested

UC Berkeley student robbed at gun-point, suspects arrested


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Three individuals were arrested in connection with robbery at gun-point of a UC Berkeley student on Warring Street near Clark Kerr campus Tuesday, as first reported by Berkeleyside.

After allegedly confronting the victim and taking his phone along with other belongings, the suspects fled the scene, according to Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Byron White. White said in an email that the likely suspects were later identified through a car stop.

A patrol officer initially stopped the car because it was driving without its headlights on. White said in the email that the officer was informed about the robbery during the stop. The occupants were then identified as the likely suspects, according to White.

White added that a search of the car revealed a loaded gun, along with the victim’s stolen possessions.

The suspects consist of three male San Leandro residents. Only one, Josahn Tavernier, can be identified. The two others are 17 years old, and are protected under privacy laws for minors.

The charges include suspicion of robbery as well as being armed with a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to White.

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