Center Jake Hanson speaks on offensive line chemistry, coming back from injury

As the Ducks roll into the second week of fall camp, the full pads come on and bodies start to hurt, but it is a vital time for a team to come together.

Chemistry is crucial for an offensive line, and the Ducks should already have it. Junior center Jake Hanson is one of four juniors who are favorites to start on the offensive line this season. The four of them have significant playing time, and that goes a long way during a season.

Here is some of what Hanson had to say to the media after practice.

Q: What’s this first week been like? 

A: It’s been a good first week, honestly. I really like the practice layout that coach [Mario]  Cristobal and the staff have set up. It’s a little bit different from years past, but I think we’re a lot more well rested than years past. Our bodies are all really feeling good.

Q: A lot of veterans up front. How much continuity and chemistry do you feel like you guys have?

A: Oh, so much. I mean, playing together for three years now we just have gotten more and more comfortable playing with each other. We feel like we know what everyone else is thinking.

Q: How are the young guys coming along?

A: They’re coming along well. The first couple days are always a little rough. Guys are still trying to figure out the plays and try and adapt to the physical challenge of blocking Division I athletes instead of high school guys they’re used to going against. But at this point in camp they’re all starting to figure it out. They’re starting to get off the ball and make some good plays.

Q: What’s it like being back out there after sitting out Spring?

A: It’s nice. It was tough sitting out spring but my injury was something that caused me so much trouble during the fall that it was much needed. I was able to stay level headed throughout the entire recovery process and know that even though I wasn’t able to be out there with the guys that I was going to feel a lot better in the long run, and play a lot better — be in less pain, ultimately.

Q: Is there an adjustment for adding weight training to fall camp?

A: I don’t think it’s really much of an adjustment. I think it just comes down to pushing yourself more in the wight room. That’s just coach Cristobal and coach [Aaron] Feld’s philosophy, that we’re not going to get weaker in the offseason. That we’re going to push heavy weight when we can. … Whatever you can do, we’re going lift heavy in order to maintain our strength levels, which is definitely different from what we’ve done in the past.

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