UO students will protest a natural gas pipeline at a meeting in Salem on June 12, Governor to attend

On Tuesday, June 12, University of Oregon students will rally outside a State Land Board meeting in Salem to protest the creation of the Pacific Connector pipeline, as well as the Jordan Cove Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facility. Carpools leaving from the university the morning of the 12th are available to all students looking to participate. The rally and carpool are being organized by No LNG coalition members, in connection with Cascadia Wildlands and 350EUG, which is the Eugene chapter of a global organization dedicated to raising awareness about climate change.

The proposed 230-mile Pacific Connector pipeline would cross through four counties in total to reach Coos Bay, where the gas would then be exported overseas by the Jordan Cove LNG facility.

Since 1859, the State Land Board has consisted of the Governor, Secretary of State and State treasurer, with an aim to help manage state land in a way that will benefit Oregonians. The board was made with an emphasis on conservation and sound land management. According to the State Land Board website, the June 12 meeting will discuss a number of topics, including the State Land’s budget for the next three years.

According to Dylan Plummer, event coordinator for Climate Justice League and intern at Cascadia Wildlands, the proposed pipeline and export facility threatens Oregon wildlife.

“We strongly believe that this project is ecologically and socially reprehensible, as it would pose a threat to Oregon’s clean water and endangered species, including the northern spotted owl, marbled murrelet and a variety of different salmon species,” Plummer said.

In a town hall discussion in 2013, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden admitted he was unsure whether the project would have negative environmental impacts, but also said it could bring economic benefits to coastal cities in Oregon.

The project being discussed was first proposed in 2004 but has been denied twice by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for various reasons.

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