Eugene’s largest bouldering gym offers heights for veterans and newcomers alike

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When comparing Elevation Bouldering Gym to other climbing gyms throughout the Northwest, 10-year climbing veteran Jennifer Vargo said that Elevation “opens climbing up to a lot of people because it is less intimidating and people don’t have to learn ropes.”

Elevation Bouldering Gym is a place for every level of climber to come and work on their skills without a harness. They opened their doors on Nov. 27, 2017, and offer a wide range of climbing obstacles ranging from their beginning colors, blue, pink, purple, to their most advanced colors, red, grey and black.

Their maximum wall height goes up to 15 feet and they have a soft padded floor below the walls to cushion falls. This allows for more time to be focused on climbing and a freer range of motion as opposed to gyms that primarily use ropes. This also makes it is easy for beginners to get started; all they have to do is sign a waiver, purchase a day pass, $15 for adults and $13 for students, and rent climbing shoes, $4.

“Students are dedicating their lives towards education and don’t have time for a full-time job,” Elevation’s manager Phil Morton said adding that his gym provided a discount to make climbing financially possible for students.

In addition to a free climb, elevation also offers classes. Classes are broken up into three categories each designed to help climbers attain the body that they want. The three categories are body composition, strength and flow. Body composition is designed to help climbers attain a leaner, more fit body, higher stamina and muscular balance. The classes in the strength category target core strength, shoulder strength, finger and pull strength, stability and are for climbers who consistently climb red “problems.” Flow classes are geared towards balance, coordination and flexibility. Classes are free with a membership, which is $55 monthly. The class schedule can be found on the business’ website.

A newer climber, Jerrik Keller first started climbing when Elevation opened in November. He says that his friend helped get him involved and that climbing is “super amazing for building strength.”

Elevation offers a free class to all new climbers. It demonstrates what is special about bouldering, how to enjoy it, how to minimize risk while doing it and how to improve. You should bring comfortable clothes and as the website states an “adventurous attitude.” Climbing shoes and chalk are available for rental at an additional rate. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a guardian and they do offer a dedicated youth area that caters to children three to 12 years old.

“Climbing is a fascinating, lifelong activity that anyone can enjoy,” Morton said.

Find more info about Elevation below:


Adult: $15

Student: $13

Youth (10-years and  younger): $10

Monthly Membership Fee:

Adult: $65

Student: $55

Youth: $45

Member Benefits:

Unlimited Bouldering

Climb Smart and Climb Fit Classes

Access to special events

15% off retail

20% off at Backcountry Gear

One guest pass per month




9 a.m. – 11 p.m.


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