University Senate appoints new VP, hands out awards at last meeting of the year

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The University Senate unanimously elected Elizabeth Skowron as its new vice president and awarded faculty, staff and students for serving the university community at its last meeting of the academic year.

Skowron is new VP

Elizabeth Skowron, a professor in the College of Education, ran unopposed for vice president of the University Senate.

Skowron addressed the Senate before the vote, outlining her goals to improve the structure of the Senate and university committees. She said she hopes to work to find efficiencies between the Senate and administration as well.

Elizabeth Skowron delivering a speech at the University Senate meeting in the Redwood Auditorium on June 6th, 2018. She ran for Vice President unopposed. (Dana Sparks/Emerald)

“Those who know me know that I tend to speak frankly and I will continue to do so in my dealings with the administration,” Skowron said.

Former President Chris Sinclair and current Vice President Bill Harbaugh endorsed Skowron last week.

“She has a good sense of the faculty viewpoint, she is sympathetic of the reason the university exists: for our students,” Sinclair said. “She’s smart and thoughtful, she’s an excellent leader.”

In the University Senate, the vice president serves for one academic year and then becomes the Senate president the following year.

Last academic year, Harbaugh was elected to be the vice president of the Senate. This coming academic year he will be replacing current president Sinclair as the Senate president.

Awards for serving the community

The Senate awarded faculty, staff and community members for serving the university community.

Francis White, a professor of anthropology, won the Wayne T. Westling Award for “exemplary service” to the university through serving on various committees or advisory bodies.

White is a member of the Senate Executive Committee and co-chair of the academic council.

Jimmy Murray, a technology specialist and student coordinator for the Knight Library, won the Classified Staff Leadership Award for leadership, accountability and transparency.

Murray is also a member of the Senate Executive Committee and member of the Board of Trustees.

Teri Lynn Rowe, the Manager of Finance and Administration of the Departments of Economics and Sociology, won the Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration for serving the university community on various committees. Rowe serves on the Senate Executive Committee as well.

Three people were awarded the Shared Governance, Transparency, and Trust award: Monique Rodrigues, an associate professor for the Clark Honors College and senator, Britt Johnson, an academic director at the American English Institute, and Kenny Jacoby,a reporter for the Palm Beach Post and former Daily Emerald reporter.

This award was created by Harbaugh and “represents the Senate’s interest in encouraging the proliferation of trust, transparency, and shared governance with University administration,” according to the Senate website.

Of the six award recipients, four serve on the Senate. Sinclair said it is not unusual to have the award recipients come from the Senate itself.

“University service can mean a lot of things, but working on the Senate and some of the committees that the Senate serves obviously falls into that category,” Sinclair said.

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