Friday Playlist: Alt-Rock for Pride Month

June 1 is the first day of Pride Month, and we’re celebrating with an alt-rock gaylist! The explicitly sapphic (e.g. bisexual/lesbian) lyrics and dreamy guitar of these five songs pinpoint that rush of falling in love with yet another ultra cool, leather jacket-wearing goth babe effortlessly riding a skateboard across campus.

“Veronica” — Daddy Issues
Music inspired by the 1988 cult flick “Heathers” is strangely popular in the garage-rock community (see “Heathers” by Surf Curse, “Veronica Sawyer” by Summer Camp, etc.), but this track is less about the movie and more about the girl group’s collective crush on protagonist Veronica Sawyer. How very!

“Told Ya So” — Adult Mom
‘’Told Ya So” is a healing exploration utopia, queerness and love. New York-based non-binary musician Adult Mom (Stephanie Knipe) reassures us that, “It’s okay to feel the world. It’s okay to kiss girls.” The hopeful lyrics combined with the peppy drums make this the perfect comfort song.

“Girls Named Benji” — Murder Shoes
Tess Weinberg of Murder Shoes croons about a girl named Benji, imagining dream dates and scenarios ranging from writing movie scripts together to simply staying in bed all day. Being attracted to other women is about so much more than just sex, and this track’s exploration of the emotionally intimate side of lesbian relationships is refreshing.

“Pickles From The Jar” — Courtney Barnett
This lighthearted, offbeat love song celebrates the superficial and fundamental variations between Barnett and her partner, Jen Cloher, that make their relationship fresh and interesting. Though the two pronounce certain words differently and are fifteen years apart in age, the one thing they do share is a mutual love for Christopher Walken… but then again, doesn’t everyone?

“Rebel Girl’ — Bikini Kill
Though the ‘90s riot grrrl movement wasn’t as racially intersectional as it could’ve been, it broke new ground for gay punks nonetheless. In “Rebel Girl,” bisexual lead singer Kathleen Hanna unapologetically declares, “In her kiss, I taste the revolution!” cementing the song as a sapphic classic.


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