Dean’s Consultation Committee renamed to Student Care Team; aims to help students struggling academically, mentally and emotionally

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The newly renamed Student Care Team is a group of campus staff members from a number of different departments that helps University of Oregon students who are struggling academically, mentally or emotionally.

The group was formerly known as the Dean’s Consultation Committee. Despite the name change, the group still serves the same function.

“Our emphasis is on care for the student and how to help the student stay at the U of O and be successful,” said Renae DeSautel, the chair of the Student Care Team.

Some examples of concerns that students might take to the team are suicide attempts, events that impact campus community or it’s safety and events that impact a student’s ability to stay in school.

The team meets every week and is made up of about 10 people. On the team, there are members from the University of Oregon Health Center, Counseling Center, University Housing, UOPD, the Dean of Students Office, Academic Advising, International Affairs and the Accessible Education Center.

The Student Care Team helps a small number of students whose cases are the highest level of concern. Multiple members of the care team often interact with the students that the group decides to help. Members of the UO Health Center and Counseling Center can’t share student information with the group because of confidentiality reasons.

Students can’t be directly referred to the Student Care Team by those outside the group, but members of the group will refer students who have had the biggest concerns.

“We are able to more holistically figure out what is the best avenue to support that student in their success,” said DeSautel.

The name of the group was changed because many people didn’t know what the old name meant and it didn’t represent what the group was doing. Many other colleges around the country like Oregon State University have similar groups, most of which are also called Student Care Teams, according to DeSautel.

During fall term, the team evaluated about 100 students and generally reviews about 10-20 student situations a week.

“We are encouraging folks to share concerns about students as a mechanism for us to be able to reach out and help,” said DeSautel.

If you or others are concerned about a UO student’s well-being, you can refer them to the Dean of Students.

“I want students to support other students when they could use assistance, and I also want to make sure that we’re honoring that student relationship and people being supportive,” said DeSautel.

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