Review: ‘SR3MM’ establishes Rae Sremmurd’s solo musical abilities, but ultimately shows the importance of collaboration

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Just four years after releasing their debut hit-single “No Flex Zone,” Mississippi’s own Rae Sremmurd has managed to show just how complex they are on the three-disc album, “SR3MM.” The album is composed of 27 songs, which showcases Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi’s solo work as well as the collaborations from the duo.

This project is composed of three albums, including Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi on solo projects and the third as a duo. So far, the record has been compared to southern duo OutKast’s classic “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below;” however, that marked an end for the two. This album seems to be the start of something new for Rae Sremmurd.

The collaboration part of the album, named “SR3MM,” is the strongest piece of the project. These two have a wide variety of skills, and once combined together, they create fulfilling records. From Swae’s melodic singing and harmonizing to Jximmi’s gritty rapping and vibrant energy, the two mesh perfectly.

Listeners hear these perfect collaborations on the single “Powerglide,” which features southern legend Juicy J. Another single that is climbing the iTunes charts and showing us a new sound for Rae Sremmurd is “CLOSE” featuring Travis Scott. With this single, fans get to hear the classic Scott blueprint, which ultimately makes it a hit. Along with vocals from The Weeknd, the album does not fail to disappoint to have as a pregame playlist.  

If there is one thing this album did, it confirmed that both members need to continue working on their own sounds before pursuing solo careers. From “Swaecation” being carried by Swae’s non-stop singing to “Jxmtro” lyric-based singles, these projects prove to be drawn flat and full of throwaways.    

“Swaecation” gives listeners the feeling of being somewhere tropical, sipping on a mimosa while being in love. Left only with Swae’s melodic talents, we get nine different versions of French Montana’s “Unforgettable,” but with a different beat.

Shown as a hopeless romantic on the album cover with a rose and hand full of teddy bears, it’s no surprise that this is the vibe fans receive. Swae is credited as a rising master of hooks (Ex: Beyoncé’s “Formation”), but his songs do not live up to his notable features.

Besides his first single, “Guatemala,” most of the songs are either not album worthy and display a sound that is too chill for what the fans are used to. With more work and a focus on crafting his skills, Swae will be able to release a solid project on his own.   

“Jxmtro” changes the entire mood of the album and takes listeners back to his southern roots. Filled with fast beats, lyrics and a vibe you would usually find in a strip club, Jxmmi shows what his area of expertise is.

Known as the rapper of the duo, fans are introduced to records filled with Jxmmi’s active personality. Though he raises the mood of the album, it is still missing the melodic aspect fans are used to hearing from Swae to complement Jxmmi’s raps.

Though there was not a lot of promotion for Jximmi’s release as there was for Swae’s, it was not a bad project to listen to overall.

Despite the minor mood changes within this three-disc project, this album serves as a solid summer playlist. Fans can either choose to vibe out in the sun, pregame before a night out and/or turn up to this at a club or strip joint. Though it’s not as solid of a project as their last album,”SremmLife2,” it will satisfy until the duo’s next release.

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