Preview: Up-and-coming rapper Buddy is ready to show fans something new on tour with Joey Bada$$

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From the outside looking in, hip-hop fans see the city of Compton, California, as one of the most ruthless places in America. From ‘90s legends like Eazy-E to newer acts YG and The Game, Compton has a reputation. More recently known for his melodic single“Shine,” Buddy wants to change the gang aspect related to Compton’s reputation in hip-hop.  

The Daily Emerald recently spoke with Buddy who touched upon his new single “Black,” featuring A$AP Ferg, his debut album and the upcoming tour.

At the age of 24 years old, Compton-native Simmie Sims III, known as Buddy, has built up a resume to withstand all of his peers. Since he signed to the legendary hip-hop producer and rapper Pharrell’s label i am OTHER at 15, Buddy has managed to spread his talents far beyond singing soulful tunes. He can put words together better than most rappers today.

Buddy has achieved this with just three projects under his belt, including “Idle Time,” “Ocean & Montana” and “Magnolia” with features from rap stars such as  Kendrick Lamar, Freddie Gibbs and his label mate Pharrell Williams.

“Well, just the energy there growing up…sticks with you forever,” Buddy told the Emerald in reference to his hometown.  Standing out from his former Compton natives is what gives Buddy his own unique style.

Apart from changing the reputation of Compton, Buddy’s new single aimed at empowering the Black community. When discussing his new single, “Black,” produced by Jahaan Sweet, Buddy says he researched notable Black revolutionaries like Marcus Garvey and Huey P. Newton and watched a few Black documentaries when writing it.

“As soon as I heard the beat for ‘Black,’ like first thought was just ‘black, black, black, black.’” Buddy said.

When asked how A$AP Ferg gained a spot on his record, Buddy says Ferg could not even make it through listening to the first verse before declaring he wanted on the track.

According to Buddy, this is his first single from his debut album, and he may release more soon. With the release date still not known, Buddy assures that the album is finished and he will release it in the summer once he is done with tour. Fans can also expect to see a collaboration from hip hop’s noble Uncle Snoop Dogg.  

This tour will give fans the opportunity to see all that he has to offer. According to Buddy, fans can expect to see a bunch of energy, never before seen dance moves and, for the ladies, a view of his hardworking abs.  

Buddy will also have his good friend from back home, rapper Boogie, on tour with him, giving him a little piece of home he needs. Though Boogie is not on the same movement as Buddy, it is still one of the most exciting parts for Buddy.

In reference to the Portland show, Buddy encourages fans to “drink water, stay hydrated.” He added that “we’re going to be jumping around” at the concert.

Buddy will be performing as part of the Joey Bada$$ tour in Portland at the Roseland Theatre on May 11 at 8 p.m. Fans can purchase tickets at the Roseland website or through a local Safeway.

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