ASUO President Amy Schenk endorsed Ducks Together Wednesday

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ASUO President Amy Schenk endorsed Ducks Together in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Schenk cited the campaign’s understanding of ASUO and current involvement within the University of Oregon as some of the reasons why she decided to endorse the campaign. She added that Ducks Together has demonstrated that its campaign members have the competence necessary for these positions, particularly Ducks Together presidential candidate Maria Gallegos.

Schenk’s experience working with the members of the slate who are currently working within ASUO also led to her endorsement.

“Challenging held perceptions about students and advocating for the most marginalized on our campus is essential,” Schenk wrote, “and I can already see that the Ducks Together slate will do just that.”

Schenk endorsed Ducks Together on the second to last day that election polls are open. The day before, United UO was banned from campaigning by the ASUO Constitution Court, which ruled that the campaign had violated election rules by campaigning in University Housing and soliciting votes from students, as reported by the Emerald. The Court later reduced the one day ban for April 11 to a four hour ban.

This year, the Emerald’s editorial board decided not to endorse a campaign in its editorial.

There are four ballot measures that can be voted on this election season, and three of the four measures would change the language of the ASUO Constitution.

The measures are about reducing the number of ASUO Vice Presidents from two to one, restructuring the election system so that all non-presidential seats up for election are elected for separately, replacing references to specific documents in the ASUO Constitution and encouraging the UO to commit to further measures to implement its Climate Action Plan.

ASUO regular election polls close at 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 11. Election results are announced the same day by 6 p.m. The ASUO Voter Guide can be found here, and you can learn how to vote in the ASUO elections by watching our video.

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