College Students Are Signing Up With An Innovative New Social Network is a unique social network that gives individuals capability to create their own private social networks and create user accounts for others.

Fairfield County, CT September 3, 2014 — An innovative social network called The Portalz sets itself apart from other social networks through a major change in methodology and gives focus to responsibility, privacy, safety, and collaboration.

Unlike other sites, individuals can not directly sign up for a user account. Rather, all user accounts for The Portalz can be real names or nicknames and are created by an Administrator. An individual signs up for an Administrative account and is then given the capability to not only create a user account for themselves, but also create/manage additional user accounts on behalf of others. All members of the social network receive their user accounts by either creating one for themselves as an Administrator or by having someone else who is already an Administrator create one for them. This process is an important distinction to understand and allows for other unique social networking features to occur.

The Portalz also has 3 age based communities for socializing. Each user account is assigned to one of these communities (tween, teen, or adult) at the time they are created.

Another significant feature involves the creation of Private Social Networks. All user accounts that are created by the same individual (Administrator) are automatically grouped together to form its own private social network. Interaction between users within a private social network is separate and distinct from interaction between users within an age based community.

Julianna Yee, the teenage co-founder says “The Portalz has familiar features similar to most social networks but is very different because this social network is about control. Socializing within a community of peers makes great sense and having the additional choice to communicate separately within your own private social network is outstanding. Our unique process makes this possible”.

Another channel of communication called a “Linked Private Social Network” can also be created by joining 2 or more different private social networks together as a single unit. Members of a Linked Private Social Network have access to exclusive social interaction that is above and beyond communications within an assigned community or independent private social network.

Bill Yee, the company’s other co-founder further mentions, “Parents, business leads, and individuals are building their private social networks by signing up as Administrators and creating user accounts for themselves and others. Family private social networks are influential in keeping everyone in closer contact and business private social networks becomes a company’s own intranet site providing enhanced privacy for better task collaboration.”

Bill continues by saying “College students and young adults are currently the ones taking charge in creating private social networks. They are signing up for multiple Administrative Accounts with each having different sets of created user accounts, one set for their family members to use and the other for friends who share common interests and activities. It is acceptable to have multiple Administrative Accounts and more than one user account so long as site rules are followed and responsibility is exercised.”

Julianna Yee adds. “We have received support from a member of the House of Representatives, Jim Himes, who advocates for stronger and better privacy on social networks. If anyone currently has an account with another social network like Facebook or LinkedIn, then they should sign-up with us as well because you give up nothing and have much to gain. It doesn’t have to be a one-or-another kind of decision. All information has importance, and being able to determine how and with whom you can interact gives it value.”

“ is a great choice in social networks especially if you find having control over your information is important. You can easily take it for a test drive and verify for yourselves. It’s free and only takes a couple of minutes to sign up.”

About The Portalz: is a social network that was formally launched in summer 2014. It was created as a way to offer the best in privacy, collaboration, and safety. Julianna Yee, the network’s teenage co-founder, conceived the vision and methodology for The Portalz while still a tween and after years of development would break ground with collaboration from fellow co-founder Bill Yee.

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