What is it all about? is the answer. The site is going to revolutionize the dating industry…..Just think, if you could converse with your date and hear their voice answering questions about themselves before ever even meeting them.

OPEN Friday night.  Read the balloons by clicking on the balloons.

This is real Carnie flash for your site..No one else has it yet.  But they will. Be the first to add a link to your collection of games.

Balloon 1

As you/one ask the questions, it is a secret what you ask. As you answer, you/one will never be on the spot to think of something clever fast.    You/one will have all the time in the world.

Click  “ START” There are 1-1000 posible q’s and a’s you can invent…… Ask a question or make a comment that deserves an answer. Speak fairly slowly and enunciate.  Say the larger words faster and the smaller words slower.

Balloon 2

Click “the second balloon and then click “START” when you see the button start and are ready with an answer to the question.  Have you answer at the tip of your tongue and after clksking start speak your  comment or answer.  Only someone you give your User Id will hear your comment when he/she asks the proper question.  It is s ecret to all others…..Now go back to balloon one and ask the next question or make the next comment to be answered.

Balloon 3

Now that you/one has asked and answered all the questions and comments he/she cares to quote, in this phase you may enter your/ ones user id and click start. This is the only time you/one will click startin this node of the system…Now very simple, ask your/ones question or make a comment and see what the prerecorded answer is. Listen then ask again.  The computer is listening( after the last  answeris heard) fot the next convfersational comment or question.  Then it will answer, and you begin your discussion with the computer.

Don’t be distracted by the fact that this is a new website, . It will be seen and bourne out that one person can benefit from the site in the first month or the first year, or 20 years from now. On occasion one might quip, it would be advantageous to say I spoke with a family member today that I haven’t talked to in 40 years.

In conclusion , it is a matter of no difficulty what is right,, to be firm and correct your site could benefit from the site tremendously…The implications are obvious, as it will be seen.  30 day free trial, and furthermore one may advertise their own site in between significant comments and retorts.

Give me 10 minutes of your time to read the balloons on the front page and see the video and such as it is  ‘iwill delight you!!!!

Site owned and operated by Corny Cornball….I.E.  Douglas “Corny Cornball”  Cornish.


View from the apogee.

The site you may want, high prob, (

Is all of that and a bag of chips. It is down for anything one wants on one’s wall for a designed décor.  You can print a ginormous picture selfie (if your are running for class pres,)  or any thing, and make your dorm room “hella tight”., the bomb.

People will say “ Oh, snap, how did you do that? It’s real phat!”

It IS the word . We all need that. So get it.  Go to and print your crib a rendition of anything you want to see on your wall in ANY SIZE!

No need to sign in on site,  uses Paypal. And is  $1.98 for entire round trip.

How it works is…… it divides one’s file into 8×11 segments and prints a minimum of 4 to a maximumof 144 (12 feet by 12 feet) sheets of paper in color for your room.  One then pieces them together and  VOILA … your file on the wall in living color.  Scotch tape and  don’t forget the rubber cement, are the order of the day.

Enough complexity!  Then you can lay back and morph to and hear pseudo random number generated phrases that have some super sweet sounds most of which are legit and free once over coming the prompts which guide you through… 30 day free trial.

Hopefully in all this noob pudding you will find a bumping plum.  Pardon the assonance alliteration. And for all you quants,  there are over 250,000,000,000,000,000,000, combinations and more available to hear once you put $ at least one dollar down click new piece and play.

Then while you are still relaxing in your Valhalla created by you with posterassist,,  talk to one of your friends on as if he or she were in the room with you all on the computer…  Richno will converse with you in anyones voice and character.  It is simpler than it sounds,  read the balloons, man,  and you will find rad delight.Tell your friends to try posterassist, richno, and  Be  a player study hard and use the placement center when you graduate.

It is cool but don’t get caught in study hall.

Your Most Faithful and Humble Servant  Corny Cornbball


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