Announces the Spring Break College Basketball Bracket Challenge

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To take part in the Spring Break Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge, college students can sign up at for a chance stand to win $500 for the best bracket and $1,000 for a perfect bracket.

New York, New York (March 16, 2014) –, the social network for students and alumni with over 3,000 colleges and universities throughout the world added, has announced it is launching the ‘ Spring Break College Basketball Bracket Challenge’ wherein all FreezeCrowd members stand the chance of winning $500 for the best bracket and $1,000 for the perfect bracket. is the leading social networking platform for college / university students and alumni as it connects people in a selfie group or team photo. It is easy and free to sign up to, as all that is needed is the student’s school email. has organized the Spring Break Bracket Challenge for the Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, Whereby the tournament bracket will be up on FreezeCrowd in the evening on Sunday, March 16th 2014.

“I am very excited about this college basketball spring break tournament, and I think that if any college student wins the $500 or gets a perfect bracket for $1,000, they’ll cover their textbooks or can even buy something great for themselves to enjoy,” said Eric Leebow, Founder & CEO of “The odds of winning really does depend on how many college and university students fill out their bracket. If you’re the only one who fills it out, you’ll win! This Bracket Challenge is especially good for students who are undertaking statistics classes as there’s a fair amount of stats involved in the game of basketball.” “If you get your whole college group together, you may even figure out a way to beat the odds with your club or team on campus.”

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