Bielema introduced as new Arkansas head coach

By Haley Markle

Bielema introduced as new Arkansas head coach

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long introduced the new head football coach to trustees and media at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

It streamed online and on local television stations for fans to watch as well.

Bret Bielema ended his seven-year term with the Wisconsin Badgers Tuesday, yet he did not break stride when addressing questions about his former team and his dedication to the Razorbacks.

“What today brings is an opportunity for me to stand in front of you and chase a dream,” Bielema said.

Bielema did not specify what the dream was, but expressed more than once that he wanted to be at a place where he could do something that had never been done before.

Living in a state with no professional sports teams and no other division one college programs makes Razorback fans a passionate group, and that is something that has Bielema excited to be here, he said.

“From this day forward we will do nothing but as players and coaches to try to give you every win you deserve,” Bielema said.

A large part of the battle in college football is recruiting quality athletes, and there was some concern from fans about Bielema’s ability to recruit in the South.

However, Bielema’s teams have featured multiple players out of south Florida and Texas. One of the things Bielema said he will emphasize in recruiting is putting a focus not on the player, but on the person.

“We’ll recruit uncommon men here,” Bielema said.

Since the hire was made, there has been speculation about what members of the current staff will be retained what new faces will be brought in.

Bielema said he will talk with each member of the current staff before making any kind of decision about who will be on the staff going forward. He did say that the administration at Arkansas will make it possible to hire a top notch staff.

“The staff that I’m going to assemble is going to be second to none,” Bielema said.

Bielema said he left a great place, but the opportunity to coach in the Southeastern Conference, especially at Arkansas could not be passed up.

“There’s only one school I would have done it for,” Bielema said.

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