Carlos Hyde prepares for ‘very significant’ role in Ohio State’s running game

By Fawad Cheema

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Carlos Hyde prepares for ‘very significant’ role in Ohio State’s running game

Although he’s listed as the second-string running back on Ohio State’s depth chart, junior running back Carlos Hyde expects to have a major impact for the Buckeyes in the fall.

Hyde, along with senior running back Jordan Hall, will have the duty of replacing the Buckeyes’ former running back Daniel “Boom” Herron, who rushed for 672 yards in the seven games he played.

Hyde was right behind Herron last season with a total of 566 rushing yards. His rushing yards are expected to increase this season with more carries and opportunities now that Herron has moved on to the NFL.

Herron was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Players and coaches discussed Hydes’ future during media availability with some OSU players and coaches.

Hyde was not available for comment.

Stan Drayton, OSU running backs coach, said the team has high expectations for Hyde and that he will be vital to the team’s success.

“Carlos’s progression is going to be very significant to our run game,” Drayton said. “We need Carlos to take his game to another level so he can contribute to this football team. He’s too talented not to.”

Hyde will have to adjust to the spread offense, which can be a challenge for big power backs that prefer running out of the I-formation.

But Jake Stoneburner, senior tight end, said he thinks Hyde won’t have much difficulty adjusting to the new offense.

“It’s a spread offense, but we still have some power-run plays,” Stoneburner said. “Even though it’s not the traditional power offense, we can still have a power running game, so I think he’ll be fine.”

Hyde looks to play a major role in the running game, but he might have an impact on special teams as well. Last season he had kickoff return duties and could see a return to that role this season.

Ben Buchanan, senior punter, said he won’t be surprised to see Hyde on special teams again because of his athleticism.

“Carlos is just a great athlete, I mean he’s got great size and great speed, so we need guys like that on our kickoff unit,” Buchanan said. “We need guys who are going to make plays for us without any fear.”

Stoneburner said Hyde has been working hard and will only improve going forward.

“He’s having a great offseason, he had a good spring and he actually had a good year last season, so I think that’s only going to improve this season,” Stoneburner said.

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