TV review: “Greek” is back with new love triangles

By Nicole Green

With a new semester upon us, the characters on ABC Family’s hit show “Greek” are back for another year at Cyprus Rhodes University. The show’s last season aired Jan. 3, beginning with Casey investigating her rejection from CRU Law. She finds that a previous boss wrote her a bad recommendation after she refused his sexual advances. When she is accepted, she chooses to stay at CRU and be ZBZ’s housemother with the hope that Cappie changes his ways so that they can be together. Ashleigh starts a job in New York City, and Rebecca takes over as Zeta Beta’s president.

The third episode begins when Rusty finds out that his roommate Dale has pledged Kappa Tau’s rival fraternity, Omega Chi. The competition between the houses causes a riff between Dale and Rusty, and Rusty’s new girlfriend plans a murder mystery dinner to win Dale back to the “nerds.”

Casey is struggling through her classes at CRU Law, and she wonders if she made the right decision to stay. Ashleigh returns to the Zeta Beta house after running away from her job in the city, fearing the real world. The news of Casey’s rejection-turned-acceptance gets around campus, and the law students believe Casey to be a slut who slept her way into law school.

Casey’s four-year-long love triangle continues, although Evan is finally out of the picture aubxw gw ua dating Rebecca. Casey’s ultimatum to Cappie was that they couldn’t be together if he didn’t become ambitious and choose a life path, so Cappie starts taking early classes and doing his homework. His plan works until he and Calvin get high to work on a philosophical debate assignment and Casey catches them.

During this week’s new episode, Beaver teams up with Casey and Katherine for a term paper, during which Casey is forced to confront the fact that she is the reason Cappie and Evan are no longer friends. Rusty and Ashleigh share a heated moment of truth in their friendship. Tune in to the fourth episode tomorrow evening at 9 p.m.

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