TV review: ‘Glory Daze’ flops

By Greg Dunbar

TV review: ‘Glory Daze’ flops

“Glory Daze,” the new TBS comedy series, has the potential to be funny. However, after sitting though the pilot episode, I felt like drinking myself into oblivion. The show will air on Nov. 16, and I only hope it does not go any farther downhill.

The first episode of “Glory Daze” was a re-run of all the familiar comedic aspects of college life. A blowup doll featured in the first few minutes is nothing new. Additionally, monstrous contraptions enabling the better efficiency of drinking booze, such as “The Beast,” are unoriginal and uninventive. If the creators of “Glory Daze” are trying to reach a college-level audience, they must come up with new facets of college humor. Essentially, this show is 45 minutes of turning the clock back three decades and inserting already tested and tried jokes. “Glory Daze” threw one clichĂ© joke at me again and again. The only time I actually laughed out loud was in response to an unexpected genitalia reference made by the mother of the main character, Joel. Besides this, I found myself predicting the characters’ punch-lines and dialogue almost verbatim. I was especially unimpressed with the casting. I did not recognize any of the main characters and the “stars” (including Tim Meadows of “Mean Girls” and “Saturday Night Live”) did not play a significant part in the plot. What’s more, the actors’ performances were mediocre, and they did not seem to understand the college atmosphere. Next time TBS casts actors for a college humor show, they should make sure the actors have had an actual college experience so they know how to correctly portray it.

I know the TBS network is somewhat family-friendly, but a college show needs to have the R and X-rated humor we deal with every day for it to break any ground. Based on the first episode, I would say PG-13 is a generous rating. College is a time to lose one’s innocence. “Glory Daze” does not do justice to the actual college lifestyle or atmosphere.

In the absence of any basic chuckle-inducing comedy, “Glory Daze” seems to resort to simply showing a bunch of girls in bikinis in order to grab interest. After that, it is simply trying to portray college life in the eighties.

Unfortunately, the eighties theme does not appear very prevalent. I was expecting big hair and more spandex. The only consistent reference to the 80s was the playlist of popular hits from that decade. This was the sole source of enjoyment throughout the 45 minutes of monotony.

The conclusion of this episode consisted of a fraternity pledge ritual and a corny cliffhanger involving Joel and his dream girl. I doubt I will tune in for the next part of this series to find out what happens.

“Glory Daze” is trying to make people laugh at an overdone idea by making jokes that have run their course. It may be that the material is too familiar for me at Washington State U., where breakthroughs are made each day in the science of partying.

However, “Glory Daze” only offers a tame version of what goes on at college. I think most schools could make a better show in one night.

I do not think “Glory Daze” will appeal to college students. As a college student, I did not expect TBS to produce a college humor show appropriately written for our demographic. More effort needs to be made to make this show funny and original.

Rating: C-

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