TV review: ‘Project Runway’ finale

By Joshua Glossner

I am not thrilled with the eighth season of “Project Runway.” From all of the drama and backstabbing to some of the most boring designs I’ve ever seen, this season failed to produce an interesting set of hopeful fashion designers.

Over the course of the season, I kept thinking I was watching “The Real Fashion Designers of New York” more than “Project Runway.”

My favorite of this season was Michael Costello. But the other designers always ganged up on him — jealous of his amazing designs perhaps?

Costello got to the top four, but the judges thought he wasn’t good enough for Fashion Week because he made his final collection in the same chocolate brown color. This wasn’t a legitimate reason because Andy South, another designer on this season, made all of his collection in gray and emerald green.

The top three designers were Mondo Guerra, Gretchen Jones and Andy South.

The one designer out of those three who deserved to be in the finale was Guerra. He was one of the few designers who was actually creative with the outfits he put on the runway. I thought Guerra was going to win “Runway” because his designs were fresh and new. Plus, he has a touching story that makes him real and relatable.

During the “make your own pattern” challenge, the designers had to make their own pattern based on an event or memory in their life. Guerra based his pattern on his HIV-positive status. He bravely opened up about it during the judging session that week, and it made me want to root for him to win even more.

Guerra gave an array of styles in his Fashion Week collection with everything from plaid and polka dots to cool printed T-shirts.

Unlike Guerra’s collection, Jones and South both produced very dull collections.

Earlier in the season, South made some edgy and really intriguing designs. But for the finale, he made some really two-dimensional outfits. The only design that was interesting was the one-shoulder dress because of the detail and time that went into making it.

So South was easy to rule out in the running for the grand prize of $100,000 from L’Oréal Paris to start a clothing line.

I never really liked Jones because as her ego soared, her designs went crashing. She would make arrogant remarks about other designers not being as awesome as her. After a while, it got kind of old.

Her designs had patterns that made the models look like walking carpets down the runway, but somehow judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia loved her designs.

I am disappointed that Jones won the grand prize. She didn’t deserve it because her designs were not something women would want to wear.

It was a fight to the death within the judges to figure out who would be the winner. Host Heidi Klum and guest judge Jessica Simpson — why did they pick her, of all people? — against Kors and Garcia. You could tell Klum and Simpson both were not thrilled with Jones’ designs by just looking at their facial expressions.

Even co-host Tim Gunn didn’t seem as excited to see Jones win.

It makes me wonder why Klum and Simpson didn’t keep fighting for Guerra to win instead of just going with Kors and Garcia in choosing Jones.

Hopefully next season, the judges will choose a worthy winner.

Grade: C-

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