‘Entourage’ gets the gang back together for a new season

By Paul Osolnick

The seventh season of the HBO hit show “Entourage” premiered June 27, and after three episodes the show is venturing into new territory — for everyone.

The new season reminds us: The more things stay the same, the more things change.

Vince. After filming “Ferrari,” Vince is working on an action-packed movie, which requires him to perform his own stunts at times. One in particular involves a jump sequence in which he is instructed to crash the car into a building. Though he is hesitant at first, after completing the stunt he is inspired into a stereotypical search for adrenaline (he buys a motorcycle, goes skydiving) in his personal life. Adrian Grenier’s performance as an adrenaline junkie is sad — if it was a Vincent Chase performance, it would be “Medellin.”

E. E is now engaged to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Sloan. And just like in real life, marriage has made the story boring. Instead of joining in on parties with Vince where the girl-to-guy ratio is great (in more ways than one), he is “enjoying” quiet dinners with his fiancĂ©. While the relationship side of E is boring, the work side may be heating up as he is in competition with a co-worker for Vince’s management and friendship — could be interesting, could be anti-climactic, both are completely possible.

Ari. After purchasing his former boss and rival’s talent agency, Ari Gold is on top of the world in Hollywood. A position that comes with perks including power, fame and a possible NFL team in Los Angeles. Ari is negotiating with the league to start his own team and while the scenes are exciting, the show is based off a large amount of reality — so unless a team is actually coming to LA, Ari’s new team won’t probably happen. While things are relatively good for Ari now, the recent decision to fire a talented employee could have the makings of a regretful decision that could give another Emmy-worthy rant from the fiery agent.

Drama and Turtle. These two are classed together out of respect for the previous seasons that saw them as an inseparable duo. But in this season the two are their own men as Turtle has started his own business — though it’s failing — and Drama is teaming up with E to try to turn his constantly-flopping acting career around. The recent effort will have him take a complete 180 as he will most likely star in a comedy. But obviously, he doesn’t do comedy.

Season seven has much of the same: Vince’s crazy parties and lavish spending; E’s rising career and relationship with Sloan; Drama’s hopeless search for acting work; Turtle’s attempts at having a purpose other than Vince’s driver; and Ari’s constant search for more power, money and fame. But the show is entering into a new stage.

There have been changes before, but in the end they were always four guys from Queens. But it looks like that is changing as each character goes his own direction. It isn’t bad or at least it hasn’t been bad yet — it’s just different. If they continue down this path, the writers will have to change the name of the show from “Entourage” to “Five Dudes Doing Their Own Thing.”

Not as catchy.

Grade: B

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