Things you should know today: 6/28/18

Fire sweeps through market in Kenya’s capital, killing 15

A fire in Nairobi, Kenya, spread through open-air markets Thursday and killed 15 people and injured 70 others, many of which are in critical condition. Traders who lived there struggled to wake their families and flee from the fire. Children were among those who were victims. The cause of the fire was not immediately announced butNairobi County Commissioner Kangethe Thuku said, “for now we have declared this site a crime scene.”

Private plane crashes in crowded Mumbai area; 5 people dead

A small private plane crashed into a busy area of Mumbai, killing five people. The fatalities included the two pilots and two technicians on the plane, and one person on the ground. Two other people on the ground were injured. The pilots and technicians took the plane on a test flight after it had been repaired. After facing an engine trouble, the pilot requested an emergency landing at the main Mumbai airport. They plowed it into an open area at a construction site when workers at the site had left for lunch. The pilot prevented many more casualties by avoiding residential buildings.

Israel convicts hacker who threatened US Jewish centers

In an Israeli court, A Jewish Israeli man was convicted of charges including extortion for making a string of bomb threats targeting U.S. Jewish community centers, airlines and shopping malls. In the U.S., the man also faces federal hate crimes, bomb threats, hoax and cyberstalking charges that could potentially put him behind bars for decades. The man was a teenager when he committed the crimes, but was identified as Michael Ron David Kadar. The 19-year-old used advanced technologies to make his calls untraceable and was accused of making over 2,000 threats.

The NFL announced that former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is being fined $2.75 million to support organizations addresses race and gender-based issues after a workplace misconduct. Richardson has agreed to sell the Panthers for for $2.2 billion.

Jim Jordan is trending on Twitter after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein accused him of attacking him “personally” Thursday in a heated clash at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

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